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RE: I fear DeSantis aka DeSatan will be our next president because of TIMs

( littleowl12 )
What we have sacrificed for these ridiculous fetishists is beyond measure. They've destroyed the progressive movement. I don't see any future progress. Not near future, anyway. Only a terrible erosion of what we have.

The Republicans know this is a huge winning issue for them.

Typically Republicans are full of shit and have to use a lot of propaganda and manipulation to fool people into buying into their nonsense.

On the gender issue, Republicans are actually telling the truth and they are going to hammer this issue whenever possible. They know it's their best shot to peal away Democratic voters.

( Amareldys )
People said that about gay marriage.

My problems with the TRA movement isn’t that they rally Republicans, it is that they interfere with the rights of women and require people to lie

( Seven )
Other countries are having the same pendulum swing because of the institutional capture by the trans movement. A perfect psyop

( cyber21 )
Yeah desantis is likely the front runner from the right. The Dems will probably put up Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom. With CRT, gender woo, historic inflation, the border crisis, Ukraine, and FBI shenanigans, the right definitely has a decent chance of winning. As long as people like Katie Hobbs aren't in charge of counting the ballots 🤣



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