Malevolencel #psycho #sexist

If rape is about power, as the cucks say, how are foids the victims when they get "raped"?

It's them who exploit and abuse the safety that society provides to leave the sub-8 men incel. It's them who have the government back up this forced loneliness with the apparatus of repression. It's them who get people jailed for attempts to have sex even in marriage.

If people are punished for a finished and successful sexual act backed up by physical strength of the man, how does it not apply to those who use the force of still more, and armed, men to leave people with no or failed sex? How are "married" foids who force dead bedrooms on their betabuxxers through the government bogeyman not rapists?

"Raped" womb-men are, in most circumstances, trying to be both the oppressor and the victim. They get what they have coming and they still wouldn't be getting it if they made a small effort to use the government machine one extra time, but they choose not to do it because, as research shows, they enjoy being "raped". Then they have their sexual partners punished, if they happen to be sub-8, with imprisonment, where actual rape and murder occur as "retaliation" for something that womb-men seek all their lives. How is this anything more than a foid power trip?

The cucks will call this rape advocacy, because they have no argument or the guts to accept genuine questions for which they don't have ready answers provided by sources of "official truths". Still, such questions need to be asked, because this level of cuckoldry cannot slide unquestioned and accepted.



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