Prussian Society of America #racist

[From "There is No Rest For the Wicked – Germans Need to become More Racist and Hateful"]

Only the German is capable to understand and empathize with fellow Germans.

The Non-German Barbarian is always hateful, critical, suspicious and inferior in his/her emotions or thought processes to understand the German Mind and Spirit
The COVID-19 Agenda and its aftermath has brought many of the already unsettled social and related issues to the forefront of hot issues
Tensions are building very high in this regard, even as much that the eruption of Civil Wars are likely even in countries like France

A good sign that at least is becoming more and more apparent by the day in Germany, is that Germans are beginning to realize the true enemy that America is, and we must hope and strive for this movement to build up to a point where Germans fanatically begin to slander and work towards ruthless elimination of American influences and propaganda, including Hollywood Films, QAnon, and American values of any kind, need to be completely pulverized
Germans should also never fly an American Flag, or even a Confederate Flag, but should hoist only the Imperial Flag, the proper colors of our people, and DAMN EVERYONE who opposed our Imperial Flag, which is currently under further attack in our Vaterland
The True German Nation is not a land of Democracy Lovers, and every Democracy Lover is an absolute foe of the German Nation, and in particular the German Reich!
The Filthy Barbarians simply do not understand how to ACT CLEAN. They cannot ACT CLEAN, they cannot THINK CLEAN, they are worse than animals, because at least most animals know when they ought to bathe



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