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( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene )
Defending democracy is not having elections where mail-in ballots are still counted weeks after Election Day.

Or using hackable voting machines & when they break, new voting rules are made but voters (that pay for it) aren’t allowed to say anything.

That’s destroying democracy.

( @Prehistoric )
@repmtg. Why do you people keep saying democracy. It's the lefts word .how about you call America what it is , it's a Republic just say defending our Republic. it isn't that hard .

( @RealAnnyIrish )
@Prehistoric It sure seems like "democracy" to these lying thieving UNITED STATES Inc. tools of the jew is just code for communism which is code for judasim. @repmtg

( @Unakceptabke_views )

( @Rakchazak33 )
@repmtg WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY!!!!!!

( @Weosys )
@repmtg could you please try to remember we have a constitutional republic, not a true democracy. For hthe reason that a true republic usually crumbles into a dictatorship. Saying democracy repeatedly is what the democrats want to skew the general populations understanding of our government.

( @RealAnnyIrish )
@Weosys So you still haven't figured out yet that there is no democrat vs republican and that they both work for the same commie jew gangster banksters? @repmtg

( @Weosys )
@RealAnnyIrish @repmtg the core of this is the army of Satan. IT appears in many forms. The spiritual battle is real. Few can accept that fact. Just getting people to understand the basics of the framework we are supposed to have is essential to getting them to see how that has been perverted. Few can jump to the end successfully. Education to understanding is to the only way to organize a group that has any real strength.

( @TheEarlofDesmond )
@repmtg wtf kind of politician uses the other sides phony catch phrase? We live in a constitutional Republic, not a democracy. Democracy is what the democrats harp on... Why? Because any communist country can call itself a democratic peoples republic of.... This is what we are fighting. A complete change of the nation, to the left, for the worst. It must be stopped



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