Various Incels #racist #sexist

Suifuel for ricecels

San Francisco elementary school near me - all hapa's

No more white kids or asian kids anymore.

And all the parents picking up their kids? Asian moms or white dads.

WMAF is the future, we lost

Brutally over for the Rice race. Lots of rices are low-T cucks tho and don't mind noodles fucking white males or males of other races.

Not the fault of rices. You guys can't compete with your women having a weird ass white fetish. Blame coal burners, landwhales, and chad-only sluts for forcing white men to settle for noodles. I don't want a noodle but I'll probably have no choice honestly. Certainly not gonna spawn a damned hapa regardless.

nobody is forcing white men you dumb fuck. Blame both the Asian women and the white men for allowing that shit. They are the only 2 in the relationship so I’m blaming BOTH

The only way some white men can get any puss is because of noodles. Any man would do the same and other ethnics do it all the time.

Yes it takes two to tango. No ones forcing white men to be with noodles. A lot of them do that already realizing that Asian men are at the bottom of the barrel. Making Asian men's situation from extremely hard to impossible basically.

Thats why I am all for acceleration of decline because of basic Karma. They can't commit all of this evil and not expect some of it to come around. The way the universe works is that it naturally equilibriates itself and things balance out over time.

I like black americans for practicing civil disobedience, leechmaxxing and being burdensome to the American government in many different ways. But I do acknowledge that a lot of black men think and behave just like noodlewhores as well as go dumpster diving for white landwhales.

True, I have no sympathy for cumskins. They fucked their women up with feminism and now they're taking ours as replacement, so essentially we (ricecels) are paying for the sins of their ancestors



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