Black Lilith #magick

How it's so sticky belief that succubus intercourse happens only while in sleep? For me it's 10% in dreamworld, 20% in trance and 70% in everyday life.

And about life essence, if it's succubus they don't take it. But if it's something else, like dark entitity, then they can take something away from you.

No I read it, my question is, does anyone have actual conscious interactions with them?

If you can count these: they can touch me and I can "touch" area where they are and feel their energies (warm, cold, different kind of feelings), I can telepathically talk to them and ask to do things (example they will come, touch, do sexual things in preferred area), sometimes I watch porn and at the same time have sex with them (I can feel hands, mouth etc human like, sometimes my dick is switching from side to side and keep up even if not erected, so I can see someone doing stuff. I have big one so it cant be up without erection), if I meditate they will help with chakras (I would ask what chakras to help with and they will clean, open etc them), there are also other things what I sometimes need but I also use other spirits for them.

I have also seen her aura and half of the body, ghost like riding on me while having sex. It's white/gold entitity with human like features. At least that time when I was seeing her. It was even day time. But it takes very much of energy to do that from both of us. And I don't wanna dry her energies for that. Also I can hear her voice if I want. But I dont wanna write blog here so I stop.



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