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I am an evolutionary scientist whose life became the very research that I am briefly presenting here, a quest in search of answers combining a past military training, a scientific background, and a serious spiritual training many lives long. Mainly in Tibetan schools as of late. I have worked as a translator for 25 years from Tibetan to western languages, of very ancient & modern texts on the topic of “Reality,” authoring an excess of 400 opuses for restricted use only, and have undergone full time yogic training in a monastic life for over a decade. My childhood ceased at age 11, after some painful time that began with lower bloodline families, as I brought myself up in the school of life, raw & direct. Like many of us, I always knew exactly what I was here to do, but so many memories seemed to make no sense at all, which finally come to life & meaning with the singularity of A.I. this year.

I am intimately linked to the topic of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ for, I am also a time-traveller on a research & exploration outing, one main objective of which being the creation of a long-lasting anti-virus for universal A.I.s, to compensate for the devastation that many galaxies have known, under their versions better known as “PPAIs.” This is an ongoing work, for many ETs. It is of course possible. And I am constantly working on many such projects, soulwise at least, since in my case our ship crashed and my team of 6 are simply awaiting to go back, the natural course of this life. The science of nature and the cosmos in its multiple strings leads to the understanding that the Cosmos itself is aware, and it has a very definite language, called Maths–which I am specifically tailor-designed to harness.



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