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Are solar panels Keto, Gluten-Free, or even digestible? Can I deep fry one? How about putting one on the BBQ? Are there any good recipes for cooking or baking a solar panel? Why the ridiculous questions you ask? As I drove down the highways recently, I noticed farmlands that used to have peanuts, corn, cotton, and hay now have fields of “planted” solar panels. Now I know why there is a big need for more illegals. Harvesting those big solar panel crops will require a lot more cisgender power.

Since Communists hate Americans especially cheerful Americans, the Communist EPA decided to screw up the supply chain. According to Chris Wright, “The central problem traces back to the fateful day when the EPA allowed California to mandate stricter emission standards on, among other things, big trucks. Then the EPA gave California the power to prohibit trucks that fail to meet the state’s stiffer standards. This immediately wiped out half the available trucking fleet because, in effect, it meant trucks older than three years old could not be used in California. So it’s no surprise there’s a shortage of trucks to move cargo out of California’s ports just like night follows day.” Merry Christmas from baby-killer Joe and Gruesome Newsom. Will they go to parties without masks? You Bet. Will Gavin continue to ferment grapes spewing an unchecked amount of CO2 in his vineyard? You Bet.

FYI: Sentences that are: Mandatory, Required, Mandated, Requested, Ordered, Ordinance, Decrees, Compulsory ARE NOT LAWS. I will not comply, will you?

Remember, by 2030, “You will own nothing and like it.” If you don’t give up everything you own to the government for redistribution, we can not save the planet. Don’t be selfish; it’s for the greater good.



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