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William and Clare Henry invite you to join them on October 1-2, 2022 in Nashville, TN for a transformational gathering/reunion of souls and a weekend of renewal, regeneration, and revelation for the next steps in our passage.

These are awesome and powerful times of prophecy.

We are living in a new spiritual era based on contact with higher beings and lighter worlds, but also direct challenges from dark entities, predatory Big Tech, and soul-less tyrannical governments who seek to transhumanize your body, mind and soul to merge us with a ‘fake’ reality or matrix.

These prophecies tell of an advanced or ascended race of angelic ‘just humans made perfect’ or ‘perfect light humans’ (as the Essenes and Gnostics called them) who intervene on our behalf. Jesus spoke of these illuminated whole, holy and compassionate beings in his final teaching and promised they would return with him. Who are they? Where do they come from? How can we connect with them? The Gnostic gospels have the answers.

Join William Henry, for this empowering and revelatory weekend of breakthrough light body gnosis of the perfect light humans that will help you become more than human and help heal our world.

The human body as a sacred temple and how to activate the light body within it.
The Gnostic secret of baptism and healing with the Oil of Joy.
The lost sacrament.
John’s view of Jesus as coming from a higher world.
Discussions on multiple universes and the divine beings who dwell there.
Understand, and unlock, the power of our light body, our angelic body.
The correspondence between John’s vision of the origins of creation and simulated reality theories.
The antidote to Artificial Intelligence is the activation of the divine image within (our angelic intelligence).
Techniques to dispel the Archons, who John called the rulers of the matrix.
The role of ET Disclosure in our Ascension.
Powerful meditations for raising the Christos and activating the light body.

$322 per person



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