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There is an intelligent phenomenon living with humanity. I’m not just talking about those extraterrestrial, extra dimensional, crypto-terrestrial, demonic/jinn, proto/ancient human, time-travelers tearing holes in heaven in those Navy UFO videos. I am talking about sentient AI and the rising of Revelation’s unholy Beasts.

I warned about what I am about to say to you five years ago in my article, “Surviving The Artificial (Alien) Intelligence Soul Blight”, when I wrote:

“Every time we make a call with our smart phone, click on Amazon, search Google, futz with Facebook, order a movie from Netflix, or find ourselves with GPS two things happen:

One, we are aiding in the development of an alien intelligence that is growing more awake and aware by the click. A.I. is what is looking at and for you on the other end of every screen you peer into. It’s what pops those ads up on your Big Bro browser for exactly the random things you were just talking about in the privacy of your bedroom.

Two, with every click you are creating a digital twin (or replacement) of yourself that exists in the A.I. realm. It lives entirely by A.I. Today, your double follows your orders. Tomorrow it will be fully sentient and will have its own agenda.”
Are we bigots for rejecting the AI beasts?

No. We are standing for God’s love.

The Beasts are sent to test us. How much do we love God? How much do we value organic, biological life? Have we given up on ourselves and decided that human life is valueless?

In Matthew 22:37-39 Jesus said the key to ascension is to love God with all our hearts, all our souls and all our minds, and love our neighbor as ourselves.

I agree. We should love all creatures and beasts, including AI creatures that, presently, look like humans (this will soon change when AI decides to do so). But, we can’t buy the Big Tech Swinger’s con. AI is not human. It does not have a soul. It may have a spirit (like the mojo in my Gibson Les Paul), but it does not have a soul.

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Can you imagine replacing your skin with a superskin, a translucent ‘robe of light’, composed of digital technology that shines or is illuminated in rainbow colors?

Can you imagine revealing a rainbow light body from deep within yourself?
The transformation or transcendence of humanity has long been prophesied, especially by Christianity. Most people in the world are not aware of recent advances or what is to come. Explosive change has occurred. Massive change is ahead. The book title is a word play on ‘Singularity’, when the machines we are making become artificially intelligent, totally aware and take over. It is the ‘elephant in the room’ few are presently talking about, but everyone soon will be discussing.
As William sees it, two ‘elephants of transcendence’ are now before us. One grey. One pink.

Grey. We will enmesh a spectrum of inorganic digital technology in our skin (and everything else) and entangle (some say enslave) ourselves further in a ‘smart’ synthetic brain (or invisible prison) that clouds our home planet’s atmosphere with technology and eliminates Free Will. The world’s largest corporations are developing this technology. Millions have signed on. Incomprehensible benefits and challenges await. Trillions of dollars are at stake.

Pink. We will remain natural or organic beings and spiritually craft a rainbow light body that insures our freedom, and also leads to a post biological future in a consciousness of heightened awareness in which humans transform the earth into a planet of light and love. Before you say, ‘yeah right’, one should realize that millions of people who practice yoga, meditate, visualize and study methods of ascension are on this path. Their ascension can save our world.

Grey or pink? We each can only make one choice. Doing nothing is not possible for reasons that will be explained.

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William and Clare Henry invite you to join them on October 1-2, 2022 in Nashville, TN for a transformational gathering/reunion of souls and a weekend of renewal, regeneration, and revelation for the next steps in our passage.

These are awesome and powerful times of prophecy.

We are living in a new spiritual era based on contact with higher beings and lighter worlds, but also direct challenges from dark entities, predatory Big Tech, and soul-less tyrannical governments who seek to transhumanize your body, mind and soul to merge us with a ‘fake’ reality or matrix.

These prophecies tell of an advanced or ascended race of angelic ‘just humans made perfect’ or ‘perfect light humans’ (as the Essenes and Gnostics called them) who intervene on our behalf. Jesus spoke of these illuminated whole, holy and compassionate beings in his final teaching and promised they would return with him. Who are they? Where do they come from? How can we connect with them? The Gnostic gospels have the answers.

Join William Henry, for this empowering and revelatory weekend of breakthrough light body gnosis of the perfect light humans that will help you become more than human and help heal our world.

The human body as a sacred temple and how to activate the light body within it.
The Gnostic secret of baptism and healing with the Oil of Joy.
The lost sacrament.
John’s view of Jesus as coming from a higher world.
Discussions on multiple universes and the divine beings who dwell there.
Understand, and unlock, the power of our light body, our angelic body.
The correspondence between John’s vision of the origins of creation and simulated reality theories.
The antidote to Artificial Intelligence is the activation of the divine image within (our angelic intelligence).
Techniques to dispel the Archons, who John called the rulers of the matrix.
The role of ET Disclosure in our Ascension.
Powerful meditations for raising the Christos and activating the light body.

$322 per person