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Handmaidens are defending Hunter Schafer as Carrie WHY ARE THEY SO GLIB WHEN IT COMES TO FEMALE ERASURE?

( the_empress )

This is similar to trend of remaking shows and movies but with brown people instead of white. It’s so incredibly lazy and stupid.

It doesn’t make anything fair or fix any actual issues- like racism. And in the case of men taking everything pertaining to biological women, it’s just more of the same except we’re expected to call it feminism. 🤬

( vulvapeople )
It’s actually sort of hilarious to imagine the shower scene as the girls getting angry that a penis haver is showering with them. Only a TRA would think that’s sympathetic to the TIM.

I hated the bullies in the original Carrie, but if Carrie’s a TIM violating their boundaries? I’m rooting for them. Way to make the story about girls being punished for standing up for their safety and dignity.

( VestalVirgin )
A male going on a murdering rampage in revenge to girls objecting to him sexually harrassing them is much more realistic than a girl murdering her bullies, tho. I mean, really. One happens way more often than the other.

You might think a girl taking revenge on bullies makes more sense, but girls and women are typically not that violent. Not even with good reason.

( pennygadget )
In the new TIM version of Carrie, Carrie gets doused with blood on stage and immediately starts masturbating because that's his fetish. 🤣

In the shower scene, he cries because there is no blood despite the fact that he's on hormones (and the reddit mod he bought them from told him that titty skittles cause AMABs to get a period)

Carrie's mother is evil because she didn't sign off on him getting hormones and surgeries. And she keeps repeating TERF lies about estrogen being bad for male bodies and continues to refer to him as her son

Feel free to add to the list, ladies! 🤣

( eyeswideopen )
I almost hope he gets cast because the mockery and jokes will be epic.

( VestalVirgin )
Perhaps seeing him in that shower scene would finally convince my parents and other normies that yes TRAs totally intend to put boys in the girls' changing rooms AND showers, no ifs or buts about it.

(Although if they make the girls mock him for his penis instead of ... screaming and running out once they see it, that'd be weird. But perhaps they will try and portray screaming and fleeing as bullying.)



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