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RE: Capitol Hill Rioters Treatment Draws Cries of Hypocrisy from Minorities in Metro Detroit

The exact opposite of this guy's claim is what happened. BLM did 2 billion dollars in damage and killed about 40 people, while being called peaceful. The protestors last night didn't kill anyone. Only they were killed.



When you are black and riot in the streets you are a peaceful protestor and the worst that can happen is maybe you get tear gassed.

If you are White you get shot dead.


Just like in that awesome book, The Turner predicted this...there is a war...a war on white ppl...the sooner we wake up the better....

The vast difference in damages is the first argument to be made. Of course, another important distinction is the primary cause: George Floyd’s crime and overdose vs stealing the presidential election. And the moral high horse goes to right-wingers, again

(Mark Maloney)
All the sudden the left is pro-police, pro-police brutality, pro-law and order, and pro-prosecution for trespassing and protesting. The news media, while I was watching live, described a bunch of people standing around as terrorists.

(Diversity Hire)
Over the past 5+ years, every time that a group of white people does something that the power-brokers, the propaganda cabal, and kvetching cat-ladies...... find abhorrent. The most insufferable, the most inept, and the most predictable response is sure to follow:

"Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, but, but, buhhhhhh.... WHAT IF THEY WERE BLACK... Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

And every time the claim rings more false and stupid than ever, yet it's still echoed with the full fury of the propaganda cabal time and time again.



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