Nabiore via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo

I am an electrical being. (I am seeing and sensing purple electric zaps and the energy is charged around me.) I am here now to enliven and encourage the divine feminine who has felt perhaps isolated from her divine counterpart. Know too that the human men have felt isolated from their counterparts, as the earth journey has been an isolating one.

(I am seeing a muscular male being with a leather skirt, long black hair drawn up tight and high in a warrior’s ornamental hair style with spikes sticking out. There is white war paint on his high cheekbones and he has a narrow fierce face. He appears Native American. He is wearing leather boot moccasins and carrying a spear with a hook on the end. Purple electricity comes out of the hook. He is tall, fierce and imposing.)

Galaxygirl, you asked to speak with a male of the ascended ways did you not? (I did.) Then why are you surprised with my appearance? Were you expecting a soft headed monk? A placid lover of books? Those things are equally important but my energy is one for electrical change, and change is what is needed in your realm. It is important the true awakened masculine arises
I Nabiore am speaking. (He points his hooked weapon into the dark space around him and charges it with purple light and sends it as a bolt of light to Gaia. It dissipates into soft violet light and I see that the light particles are quantum, each molecule is individuated consciousness of healing. I am seeing them enter human bodies and heal energetically from the inside.)
You are both the warrior and the maiden, you are the father protector and the mother defender. You are strong. As the buffalo filled the plains so are the prayers of the ancestors surrounding you. The well wishes for your success and the energies of support are strong.

For those who wish, kneel. Allow me to touch my staff of purple light to your crown, and feel the warmth of peace, of balance. That is what I offer today. It is enough.



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