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RE: The Dip in the US Birthrate Isn’t a Crisis, but the Fall in Immigration May Be

This whole premise is the great replacement as if it is a positive. Why would any American want to increase migration from africa? Or any foreign country at that? If the immigrants are not white there is no need to allow them in. Maybe if there was not unlimited access to abortion the scales would have changed? Or if there was not such a push to make all men think they are better off being girls or gay? The societal norms being pushed for the last few decades have had a terrible impact on the birth of children. Claiming that humans are killing the earth by our mere existence adds to the negative perception of children. The author wants to make America something it isn't and that it should never be if it wants to survive.

(Brent Hollingsworth)
But I thought this is a Systemically Racist and White Supremecist run country. You would think the Africans would think twice and the promoters of this question their motives for advising such..

Bottom line: accelerate the destruction by bringing in more savage troops for the race war, and probably Muslim ones.

(De ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Doc)

In the longer term, more immigrants are likely to come from sub-Saharan Africa, and it will be important for America’s demographic future to attract, welcome and retain them.

Huh??? Is he insane? As a statistics guy he probably knows of the IQ dearth in that part of the world. Does he really think the magic soil proposition is for real? This prescription only transplants SSA to other parts of the world.



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