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On how Kabbalah is the path to Tartarus.

Excluding Oceanus since Hades shares this river with Earth, Hades has 5 rivers. Tetractys has 5 points. Advance its complexity, we have the pentachoron. Turning it into a net forms the pentagram. The five lines are the five rivers of Hades. What is most significant is the net’s consistency with Kabbalah’s tree of life. The parallel cannot be mistaken. image

Tiferet has 5 paths correlating with Hades’ 5 rivers. What does it mean? It is soul when not embodied but still separate from union with the gods. If our souls were to pursue the end of Hades, it would flow into Tartarus, abode of Kronos.

Kronos, though king of Tartarus according to Homer, is so deep within Tartarus that Odysseus found neither him nor the Titans in his venture to the underworld. These Titans reflect the ineffability of pure Matter, or non-being.

This is the hidden truth of Kabbalah. The discipline exists to lure the soul deeper into the cosmos, to turn worship to the lowest and not to the highest. It confuses One with Many, hence “the many names of God”. Iamblichus numbered the sub-lunar beings of cosmos at 72. Kabbalah calls God by 72 names. By subversion of religion, sub-lunar forces (daemons) deceive souls so that they never reunite with the gods. This purpose is also fulfilled through the Abrahamic faiths derived from Kabbalah’s religion.

Do not be seduced, return to the gods.



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