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Psychical collectivism and hierarchy in women.

The actual utility of women’s twofold social nature can be understood as an instinctual mechanism where women perpetually test the ‘fitness’ of other women by their relentless hierarchising and rejecting. By this process, the women who attain and retain the acclaim of other women will generally be the ‘fittest’, these women typically appealing the most to men. They first privilege the collective, however, and most specifically the collective of women, because the survival of women has long historically relied upon communal cohesion and the human instinct of prioritising the concerns of women over that of men’s.

Rather than presuming that the instinct of privileging the survival and health of women over that of men’s to be present only among men, it is clear that this instinct is universal to both sexes.

Men tend to presume that the mental life of women is like his own, and so selfish acts are thought to be premeditated and deliberate. Women’s self-prioritisation is amoral and often so intimate with her natural behaviour she doesn’t even know herself to be doing it. Hence why when she is accused of being selfish, she is often confused and surprised and will find it hard to comprehend how he came to the conclusion. The question is made coherent when we know the instinct to preserve the female sex is innate to women as well.

So, unlike men who generally are indifferent to generalising remarks because the foundation of their sense of self is individualist, women can take the breaking of any woman’s integrity as being equivalent to breaking her own integrity.

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On how Kabbalah is the path to Tartarus.

Excluding Oceanus since Hades shares this river with Earth, Hades has 5 rivers. Tetractys has 5 points. Advance its complexity, we have the pentachoron. Turning it into a net forms the pentagram. The five lines are the five rivers of Hades. What is most significant is the net’s consistency with Kabbalah’s tree of life. The parallel cannot be mistaken. image

Tiferet has 5 paths correlating with Hades’ 5 rivers. What does it mean? It is soul when not embodied but still separate from union with the gods. If our souls were to pursue the end of Hades, it would flow into Tartarus, abode of Kronos.

Kronos, though king of Tartarus according to Homer, is so deep within Tartarus that Odysseus found neither him nor the Titans in his venture to the underworld. These Titans reflect the ineffability of pure Matter, or non-being.

This is the hidden truth of Kabbalah. The discipline exists to lure the soul deeper into the cosmos, to turn worship to the lowest and not to the highest. It confuses One with Many, hence “the many names of God”. Iamblichus numbered the sub-lunar beings of cosmos at 72. Kabbalah calls God by 72 names. By subversion of religion, sub-lunar forces (daemons) deceive souls so that they never reunite with the gods. This purpose is also fulfilled through the Abrahamic faiths derived from Kabbalah’s religion.

Do not be seduced, return to the gods.

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We’re in dire need of a ‘Europa Catholica’, a religious institution built upon doctrine and canonical law, responsible for establishing pious theology that ensures the maintenance of cultus deorum amongst the race.

Significant to all ritual and worship in the ancient world was ensuring it was done correctly. Contrary to wishy-washy free form ideas about any man being able to worship the gods how he pleases, it was the explicit duty of both the state and the priests to ensure that worship, ritual, and sacrifice was done in a consistent and proper manner. It cannot be stressed just how much they emphasised upon it being correct, that there was no two or three or four ways of doing something, divine cultivation was done a particular way, and the pain of drifting from this was a failure of achieving connection with the gods.

In answer to those who always claim in counter, “Who are you to say what is right theology and what is wrong theology? Who are you to dictate how the gods are to be worshipped?”, I say awaken from your dullness. You have been lulled into the contemporary frame of thought, espousing an idea of religion that denies it any certainty of truth or reality. You espouse a pagan nominalism which can lead us nowhere but towards a future of spiritual impotence.

There is the righteous, the proper, the true and the good. To promote elsewise is to promote the modern era, and so becoming a blockade against the spiritual redemption of the European soul, a hater of truth and a despiser of order. If chaos is what you love, it’d be better to join the enemy than to remain among us if your wish is to aid the race.

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There are many cases throughout Roman history where poor religious practices and botched rituals were followed by Roman failure. Perhaps most depressingly was the case with Emperor Julian’s invasion of Parthia. According to Ammianus Marcellinus, while Emperor Julian was in Circesium (a Roman fort city in modern Syria) he received letters from his friend Praetorian prefect Flavius Sallustius “entreating him to suspend his expedition against the Parthians, and imploring him not in such an unseasonable manner to rush on irrevocable destruction before propitiating the gods.”

This was far from the only bad omen that beset Emperor Julian, for an earthquake had struck Constantinople, “which those skilful in divination declares to be an unfavourable omen to a ruler about to invade a foreign country”, among yet more omens I’ll omit for brevity’s sake. The unfortunate result of these is the death of Emperor Julian and the complete failure of his campaign following his death.

So let the following superior understanding be held more in common than the former inferior understanding: in the Cultus Deorum we shall maintain knowledge of the following divine truths:

that all gods are good and are never malicious towards the cosmos nor to one another

that they never lust, never envy, never want, and never desire, as they are whole and thus do not have need to want anything

that any story, myth, fable, or legend that suggests that they do want is to be interpreted by philosophers and theologians and not accepted as literally reflective of a god’s true nature.

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When they can no longer push away their doubts, the song of fulfilment they were sung by psychologists and medical professionals turns out to be not only utter nonsense, but even worse: the surgery has failed to give to them the good of femality and it has broken what good they had as a male. From this point, their identity is completely shattered. The doubts they had before surgery are completely rekindled, and then intensified to the maximum extreme. It is for these reasons we see their identity crumble into total nothingness: the organ is a failure not only by way of it failing to attain the sexual goodness of the vagina, but it also now suffers a state of inferiority to the penis.

True femality now impossible, risk of self-harm and suicide is at its most acute as the identity is turned to oblivion. The transsexual’s path from here is either their total self-destruction, leading to damaging behaviour such as self-harm, substance abuse, and/or suicide. It should be noted that the self-oblivion episode is often constrained and not expressed by the transsexual; a stigma has developed against negativity towards the efficacy of transition which encourages silence on these concerns.

Transsexuals have built communities that form up sometimes the totality of their trusted support network, and since the members could be liable to doubt or criticise were a transsexuals’ episode of self-oblivion be expressed, it is completely internalised and suppressed for as long as the transsexual can do so. It is for these reasons that outwardly happy individuals who insist on the goodness of transition and the fulfilment they’ve received from the therapy can suddenly suicide.

I hope these insights may prove intriguing and enlightening on the question of transsexualism’s psychotelestology.

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Letter to the Germans.

I’m afraid to say it, but I’m getting tired of the vast bulk of stupidity within the European religious community coming almost entirely from Germanic/Nordic pagans. What is wrong with your souls? Why do so many of you indulge in such stupid and incoherent conceptions of the gods? So many of you say, “the gods are not perfect, the gods are not all good, the gods are limited, the gods are not omnipotent nor omniscient nor omnipresent, the gods commit vice, the gods are driven by wants, the gods are not immortal, the gods can die, the gods can break law, the gods can be punished.” And worse, when your offensive impiety is corrected, and you are shown by reason of the soul the gods are immortal and do not die, the gods are free of evil temptations, the gods are all-good and perfect, you spout in response, “You are wrong, your ideas are Abrahamic, they come from Christianity. Our gods are not perfect, they are limited.”

Is it not clear that in your soul is a residue wickedness which keeps you impious? You have yet to even know the gods, in spite of your professing to know them, because you relate to them as one might relate to men and think little better of them when naming in them limitation, vice, and even death. It is simply profoundly childish to speak so poorly and so negatively towards Europe’s most excellent and gifted philosophers and theologians when you most certainly have not even the faintest idea of what they say and mean, the gift of divine reason having been clearly robbed from you by your soul’s stupidity, and when the foundation upon which you stand is kept together by little more than masking tape and glue.

Perhaps it is not all Germanic pagans, I would dearly hope it’s not, but, by Jove, it is an overwhelming number of them that hold to stupidity over superiority. You are slandering the gods with your impious lies and dishonouring their truth, and you are spitting upon the divine Europeans who came to us to grant their rare knowledge for the sake of your sentiments. I’ve resisted saying this for a long time, but the dumb have continued to reign.