Val Thor of the Intergalactic Confederation via Janet Doerr #ufo #wingnut #conspiracy

An agreement has been reached today between the Federation of Light and those who have enslaved Earth’s population.

The agreement deals with the return to the people of Earth of their freedom and sets in motion the removal and replacement of enslavement systems.

Universal Laws include Divine Justice.

Those who violated the sovereign rights of others will face the consequences of their actions according to Divine Law.

The consequences will be faced on the planet or off the planet.

Approximately 500,000 people will leave Earth as this transition takes place over a period of months.

On October 30th at midnight EST, a 10-14 day period with no communications systems will begin.

Internet, telephone and cell phone service will cease.

The purpose of cessation of communications is to allow for the orderly transition of many systems to new Quantum systems, including:

The new Quantum Financial system
The new Quantum Electoral system
The new Quantum Communication systems

Starting October 30th, during the transition period, the US (and some other countries) will be under martial law.
NESARA will be announced and explained.

Under NESARA, which has already been signed into US law, and upon its enactment, the US has 120 days to hold a new election, electing a president and vice president and all senators, representatives, and other elected federal offices.

The US midterm elections scheduled for November 7th will be cancelled/postponed until they can be held using the new Quantum electoral system and reflecting changes in the United States federal government.
During the month of October, there can be a number of events that the mainstream media may portray as dangerous or frightening.

Please rest assured that the Galactic Federation will not allow things like nuclear war to take place.

Warheads are easily inoperative, even if they have been fired.



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