Catherine Robillard, Kai Decadence & Ruth Less #transphobia

(Catherine Robillard)
It’s in trans activists interests to conflate gender with sex. If they used biological facts, instead of their interpretation of a social construct, their ideology would be shown for the nonsense it is.

(Kai Decadence)
Exactly. That's why they NEVER or hardly answer the simple questions of
- What is gender?
- How do you "feel like a man"? How do you "feel like a woman?"
They know if they answer these questions and use the usual gender stereotypes, it exposes the ideology for the rubbish that it is so they either don't answer the question, use circular definition that goes nowhere, and/or move the goal post. These people are ridiculous.

(Ruth Less)
Then it's accusing us of conflating the two, so they can escape humiliation for as long as it takes to block us, rant from behind a block and declare themself the winner



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