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Why it is important that children be raised by opposite sex parents rather than same sex parents:

1. Children can only be procreated by a man and woman; if same sex couples could procreate, this valid point would be invalidated.
2. Whilst not every child has a present mother and father, ever child has a biological mother and father.
3. Children know when a biological parent is missing; which is why it is the common case that children raised by same sex parents seek out their missing parent.
4. Same sex parenting means that one parent is always missing.
5. A same sex parent cannot supplant or provide the missing influence of the missing biological parent.
6. Opposite sex parents provide a full range of unique and important gifts, influences and experiences, where as same sex parents can provide only half.
7. Same sex parenting means children will always, always miss out a full and diverse upbringing unlike their peers who have a mother and father.
8. Single parenting and same sex parenting are contextually the same as there is a missing parent and a stagnation in the influences and raising of the children.
9. Social science affirms that the best outcome for children with the least upbringing issues, the least criminal outcomes, least drugs and best future is a non-combat, married household with their biological mother and father.
.0. Homosexuality is a confirmed mental illness, and the option of leaving a child within the guardianship of two mentally ill individuals always carries a risk of abuse, neglect and death.
.1. Non-biological parents are confirmed as raising their new children differently and inner a lesser manner than their own children.

This is why it's important for children to be raised by their mother and father; and though there are cases of children growing up to becoming good citizen by two same sex parents; however, every child with two same sex parents has another parent, and that parent is the other biological parent.




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