DocWhitepride14 #racist

Re: Congolese refuses war draft, laughs 'we are Black, how can we fight for Ukraine?'

No concept of morality no ethics no dignity no ability to see god. Because they are not at human level. Their mentality is animal.

It is a great opportunity to wake up Whites. Let's show them who black people really are. Let's show them that blacks are nothing more than cowardly little parasites whose only purpose in society is to suck the blood of our countries and when the hard times come, when the time to defend our countries arrive, they flee like the disgusting insects they are and leave Whites at the mercy of the “invaders” to die. Let's show them that blacks have no loyalty, that they don't know morals and ethics. Blacks just want whores, drugs and money with as little effort as possible.

Black men have already shown that they are not men, they have shown that they are cowardly little fagots. They tried to board the country's evacuation transports first even though women and children had priority, and when they were denied access, they cried racism as they always do.

it's a great opportunity to show them that black people don't care about white people's lives and want to see us all dead


So spread the word on all social media. White people must see and remember the behavior of these disgusting, dirty little parasites. Let's show them that blacks should never be in our countries and they should go back to Africa where they belong.



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