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Most women are retarded 'pickmes' that talk, act, think like they have a brain demage, i can't even stand femininity anymore cause it's fucking retarded.

And my only friend is a fucking retard too who decided to spend valentines day with a abusive rat looking ugly man with ugly body and suck his dick while she is literally a model. It happens all the time idk why it's so common for women to give oral to men they just talk to. Even when i was 15 girls my age were doing this shit.

And i kniw it's wrong but i swesr i feel like i'm becoming misogynistic, being a woman is so fucking stupid. But maybe women are supposed to be retarded and like being humiliated cause if they werent they wouldn't be having sex with men etc. There is no hope. If you are not masochistic you will not enjoy being a woman

I think women act this way because most of them have been domesticated through the selective breeding done by males. Women were commonly killed if they stepped out of line. blackpilled women have been slaughtered for thousands of years. this means that our blackpilled genes could not be passed down as much as retard submissive womens genes. I seriously believe that dumb women fill the world because of domestication, selective breeding, and blackpilled woman genocide.

apparently women in the past systemically killed overly aggressive young men to keep peace within their gynocentric tribes. this was before Abrahamic religion took off. I think male religion came out of this so they could radicalize men to start killing the blackpilled women who were killing the violent males.



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