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[From "I Don’t Apologize for Calling Kyle a “Retard” – Going to That Riot was Retarded"]

I recently saw some slimy garbage person claiming that I had changed my message on Kyle Rittenhouse, saying that I called him a retard and now call him a hero. He claimed I was trying to “memory hole” that I’d called him a retard. I’d like to clear this up, as best I can.
Going to that rally was retarded. There is no other description for making a decision to go to a black riot with a gun to try to protect other people’s property.[…]
Doing something retarded doesn’t preclude someone from being a hero.

We discover that he is only a kid, and a good kid – a “plump infant,” as one columnist called him – and the impression regarding why he made the decision he made changes.
You’re also going to get more of these people going out with guns, and it’s only a matter of time before someone who isn’t a babyfaced all American boy shoots a person who isn’t a satanist or a child molester and they dig up his social media and find something other than wholesome activities.
Understand: William Barr could end these riots within 48 hours.[…]
If this was just a matter of going out and stopping the blacks, and the cops needed help from the citizens, you could send in 10 ex-marines with sniper rifles and clear the place out in ten minutes. Black people understand getting shot.
Move out of the city, and start getting involved in a small town community, so that our nation and our people have a future.



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