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Belgian police are teaching men not to harass women on the street. Not a word about the fact that the majority of street harassers aren't white. Let's not stigmatize!

I hate the "teaching" argument. Men know what they do is wrong, they do it because they like harming women. Feminists don't want to discuss biology, but they sure want to encourage others to waste their time, energy, and effort into "teaching" men how to be decent human beings.

MOC, especially Middle Eastern men, harassing white women on the street is an open secret at this point. But white women aren't allowed to talk about any issues they face anymore because they're all blonde, blue-eyed white supremacist Karens who should grovel at the feet of POC and apologize for every microaggression, or something along those lines.

The attention white women get from non-white men is so disgusting and degrading the majority of the time. But according to stupid libfems, white women being "more desirable" is a privilege. No, it's fetishization and objectification, just like when it happens to every other woman.

Don't forget all the intersectionalist bs. Happy Women's Day - except for the evil white cis bitches, fuck them! And lol at the Belgium thing, that is TOTALLY about brown muslim men who do that shit. 100%. Let's see all the women in those communities speak up against their men... yeah, didn't think so.

One bonus of living in a backwards country is you can shit on nonwhite dudes openly, for harassment too. Several young women i know went full alt-right from working/studying near brown exchange students, but that just made them worship White Dude more, which is fucking hilarious if you apply it to local 60IQ drunks and fat incompetent nepotists. If there were a way to peak them about moids in general...



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