Andrew Anglin #racist

[From "Sino-Friendship: India Should Deport Cannibal Terrorist Leader Dalai Lama to China to Face Justice"]

Now that the West is going into some form of militant isolationism[…]there is no reason that India and China should not be friends. They have a shared interest in building a stable economy away from the terror of the ZOG empire

Most of the disagreements between China and India are relatively minor[…]A great gesture of good faith would be for India to deport the cannibal terrorist leader, the Dalai Lama, to face justice in China for crimes relating to cannibalistic terrorism[…]
Many may not be aware of the “Free Tibet” hoax. The short story is that after World War II, during the same time that the CIA was setting up a fake country in Taiwan, they were also pushing for an “independence” movement in another part of China: the cannibal region of Tibet[…]
Tibetan Buddhists practice slavery, ritual torture, and cannibalism. They are basically a satanic cult operating under the thin guise of Buddhism, in the same way that people like John Hagee are satanic Jew-worshipers operating under the thin guise of Christianity. A more accurate comparison would be Haitian voodoo[…]Though the Buddhists tried to civilize them, in the end they just adopted some of the symbols of Buddhism while continuing to practice their satanic rituals[…]
When the Chinese responded to the terror campaign of these cannibals[…]the Dalai Lama, fled to India[…]parts of northern India have long harbored groups of satanic ritual cannibals[…]
I’m sure people question the legitimacy of Chinese claims[…]have they ever accused Taiwan of child cannibalism?[…]
There are very strong and obvious parallels to the way that the Jewish thug Zelensky and his satanic neo-Nazi terrorist army are being lionized in the media, and the way the cannibal terrorist “Dalai Lama” has been lionized in the media



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