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Here's a redpill:

Covid was released in part to kill off enough elderly, so that they wouldn't have to pay them social security benefits.

@NeonRevolt another red pill: it wasn’t the covid that killed them

@NeonRevolt And they keep pushing boosters on the elderly/medically fragile which means more of them dying.

@NeonRevolt Yes to kill off elderly then to transfer those S.S. payments to the replacements coming across the border.

@NeonRevolt We knew that from day one, when it started. They already also kill elderly as much as they can get away with, in hospitals, and with Rx drugs.

@NeonRevolt The elderly were not their target. Life expectancy in the US dropped 2.7 years from 2019 to 2021. You don't get a dip like that from the deaths of old people. Excess mortality incresed by 78% in 25-34yo demo alone, and 100% in 35-44 demo.
That's one billion years of human life that pharma and social security no longer have to worry about now.

@NeonRevolt I was arguing that since the beginning. Old and sick. All burdens for the insurance and SS. You had to be blind not to see it.

@NeonRevolt and the Chinese got rid of a lot of old non productive people too. Win win for them



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