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Chatbots are at the front lines of an unrelenting AI (Artificial Intelligence) invasion.

The steady increase of artificial minds in our collective psyche is akin to mass immigration - barely noticed and easily overlooked, until it's too late.

Our cultural landscape is being colonized by bots, and as with illegal aliens, much of our population welcomes this as "progress."

The bots will keep us company. They will learn and absorb our personalities. And when we die, they will become our digital ghosts. It's a morbid prospect, but the process is already underway.

E-learning institutions regularly deploy AI teachers. Chatbot companions are seducing lonesome souls by the millions, including religious chatbots who function as spiritual guides.

At the end of the road, various start-ups are developing cyber-shrines where families can commune with their departed loved ones and find comfort in the digital undead.

In the minds of tech enthusiasts, AI chatbots of all sorts will be our soulless companions on the trek toward the Future™.

These ephemeral "friends" are key psychological components of what many describe as human-AI symbiosis. They will be like artificial guardian angels in our palms - and by extension, in our heads - answering questions and steering decisions.

One thing is certain.

Whatever you think about this invasion, AIs are falling to earth like stars from a godless heaven.

And with each successive wave, their voices are that much more convincing.
Bots are invading our minds through,

our phones

our smart speakers

our educational institutions

our businesses

our government agencies

our intelligence agencies

our religious institutions,

...and through a growing variety of physical robots meant to accompany us 'from cradle to grave':

We are being primed for algocracy...

Past generations ignored mass immigration and environmental destruction, both fueled by tech innovations, until it was too late to turn back the tide.



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