various commenters #transphobia

I’m going to be sick. Wtf did I just read?

( WitchPlease )
I highly doubt that any woman would allow her porn sick brother to feed toxic discharge to her kids. This is a disgusting fantasy.

( NastasyaFillipovna )
I highly doubt most women would even know what "Hormones" in what dosage to get to help with lactation. These TiMs don't get it, what is a natural process for women is a chemically induced freak thing to a male body, and when something similar is done to animals, it would be considered animal abuse.

( Uber )
No fucking way did this EVER happen. I can never imagine any situation where a woman would allow anyone else to breastfeed her child, certainly not a man. And I'm sorry, I thought we were calling it chestfeeding now? Or is that only reserved for the sex that naturally grows breasts?

There's no way in hell that even if this DID happen (which it did not), there would be any nutrients to speak of, unless we're considering unnatural synthetic chemicals nutrients, now? I can't keep up.

( CupOfAbominations )
I'm relieved that this is probably 99.9% fanfiction, but this is so gross to read. No sane mother would put her newborn's health at risk to validate her weirdo TIM brother's delusions. It's all about him, all about his "biology dysphoria" without any concern over what would be best for the baby! Surely a naturally lactating mother's milk would be the most nutritious thing for the baby than whatever gross milky discharge is coming from his nipples!



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