Roxxy #transphobia

When TRAs tell you to "educate yourself"

I started off being fully in favour of trans people but there's only so many creeps, incidents, absurd beliefs and poorly written articles people can take before trust is simply eroded.

It's so hard to support them because 90% of it is absolute shite. You want to change your name and live like a woman? Ok... But is that even what the conversation is about anymore? Change your name, that's not illegal. Find love, grow old in a body you feel alright in. But fuck off with the twisted, obsessive, perverted and casually abusive to children nonsense that makes up the majority of this movement.

Their arguments are just a band-aid over the gaping wound of the problems they caused for themselves! "Women aren't real, but men are women, which aren't real, cus the men say so." Alright, neat. Going to stop lobbing off girl's breasts now? Nah, just crying that they're not allowed to play as gendercloud Pikachu in Smash Bros. Oh, get bent. Sigh.



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