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This is R’Kok speaking. Indeed I am the, as you call it, reptilian who said during the Messages of Love that I murdered millions of people, came to deeply regret that, repented and eventually was allowed to join the galactic confederation.
I don’t think that most of the people I’m talking to will have caused millions of deaths, so if Source and the positive galactics can forgive me and give me a place in their midst, they can do the same for you.
The fifth thing I would like to tell you is that sometimes the people around you just suck. For a long time I thought there was something wrong with me, but looking back, in fact I was the psychologically healthiest person in my group. Yes I didn’t fit into society, but society was toxic – it was healthy that I didn’t fit in. And the people who did fit into this toxic society and who were successful, were far more psychologically unhealthy than I ever was. So: sometimes the problem is not you, sometimes the problem is the sick society you are a part of.
The people who I grew up with now consider me to be a traitor, and would attack me on sight if they saw me. Unfortunately, you can’t let yourself be held back by the people you grew up with, if you have outgrown them. Yes that is painful, but there is not really another way
Finally, eight: yes, women have been suppressed and kept down and brutalized for millennia. However, it wasn’t primarily Earth men who did that. It was primarily hostile ETs who did that, including my kind, whom you call reptilians. So please stop blaming men for the oppression that women faced — men are suffering too right now, just like women are. From a practical perspective, Earth humans as a whole may very well keep suffering so long as men blame women, women blame men, whites blame blacks, blacks blame whites, et cetera. It is quite possible that Earth humans will keep suffering until enough of you come together, you stop blaming each other, you stop bringing up past grievances.



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