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[Theory] Lord of the Rings

So if real world becomes the Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings, the people will be classified into:

Note: LLmaxxed has to be 6 ft minimum after maxxing.

Gigachads: Dunedains

Chads and Stacies: Elves

Chadlites and Stacylites: Rohan, Gondor

Normies: Most humans

Sandcels : Haradrim, Uruk-Hai if LLmaxxed and roidmaxxed

Ricecels: Easterlings, Uruk-Hai if LLmaxxed and roidmaxxed.

Blackcels: Uruk-Hai if LLmaxxed and roidmaxxed. Orcs if not.

Whitecels: Orcs, Trolls if LLmaxxed and roidmaxxed.

Tacocels: Goblins, Orcs if average height and Uruk-Hai if LLmaxxed and roidmaxxed.

Coping Manlets (Ex. Alpha M): Dwarves

Abos: Hobbits as no one wants to have anything to do with them, can date their looksmatch and heightsmatch

Truecels: Smeagol

Sauron would be the Spirit of Saint Elliot.

In the end, is this accurate?



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