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In light of the lethal AIDS epidemic, it should be obvious that sodomy causes far more serious health problems than baby formula or soda pop, so Nanny Bloomberg can’t adopt his usual pose of imposing good health on his subjects. This leaves us to wonder, what is the motive of our oligarchs in pushing so aggressively for homosexual marriage? Their ability to manipulate public opinion on the issue has been impressive, but what do they hope to get out of it?

With statists like Bloomberg, the motive is always the same: more power for government. The family and Christianity are traditional bulwarks against tyranny, providing competing moral authority. Homosexual marriage undermines the first by reducing the concept of holy matrimony to a tasteless joke, and prepares the groundwork for a devastating assault on the second. Christian clerics who perform homosexual marriage are guilty of blasphemy; those who do not will be guilty of hate crimes.

Already a Christian in New Mexico has been ordered by the government to photograph a lesbian commitment ceremony in violation of her religious principles. When gay marriage is the law of land, lawsuits will be applied ferociously to tear the collar off every pastor who takes his faith seriously, leaving only hollowed-out, insincere shells where churches once stood.



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