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[Story] Standing Up To One Of My Bullies... And The Verdict Of An Incel's Actions

I went to the toilet just to clear my head, which was another big mistake as I forgot to lock myself out of my computer, only to come back to see my desktop background was picture of to naked men making out. At this point I was fed the fuck up. I grabbed his phone and smashed it on the floor, I smashed him into a nearby desk and started choking him till his face went red and started tearing up. Just then my teacher walked in and broke it up. I later made threats to him and his family, as I was told to leave.

There was a groupchat for our class, and I apologised for my actions as I felt guilty and I wanted to let people know why I did it because there's a reason for everything, unless I was a maniac, but I was later bombarded with loads of people saying I'm a bad person and hoping I die. Only a few people were on my side, including my food friend. A lot was said in the groupchat, but nothing was said in person; I was a threat to them.

And there you have it buddy boyos, if you're an incel, you can never be forgiven or understood. Society want us dead.



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