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RE: Kamala Harris Humiliated During Her First Trip Abroad To Guatemala And Mexico – She Was Greeted With "Go Home" and "Trump Won" Signs That Were Ignored By The MSM

Why should we celebrate this?

Will these filthy Mestizos tell their damned fellow Orcs to stay in Guatemala and Mexico and NOT travel to the U.S?

another told the vice president that “Guatemala is pro life”

Yes the ban on Birth control has caused their population to explode. This has contributed to the economic and social conditions - along with the corruption of their drug trafficking Conservative government - that has pushed their people to flee to / invade America for Lebensraum.

American Conservatives really are stupid.

I've written about this topic before and the fools on the American political Right who fund all these groups in central America opposed to 3rd world non-white Birth control.....

"Cum-Swalla" Harris is a two-bit slutty whore who slept her way to the pinnacle of "success" in the sleazy, low-rent word of politics.

Anybody who sells her very soul to the Devil to achieve success in the dirty world of politics is the utter epitome of scum and filth, and the very lowest of the low.

The whole world knows the election was stolen except CNN, MSNBC, Youtube and Twitter.


I feel like I'm missing something here. Why would Mexicans support Trump? Trump called them murderers and rapists, and wanted to build a wall to keep them out of the US. This must be a very small group. I wouldn't expect it to be the general sentiment in Mexico.

Because Trump made it possible for the mexicans to keep their laborers...their laborers are not fleeing to the



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