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[JFL] roastbeefoid gave me its CV

She was in her late teens or early 20s. She came over to me while I was working and gave it to me. I told her that I would give it to my manager. Obviously I ripped it apart and threw it in the bin but before I did that, I took a picture of it so I could do some research later on at home. Well... I found her Instagram and VSCO. One of the first things I saw on her VSCO was a meme about hooking up with someone. Holy shit, if I actually helped out some whore who showed this level of disrespect towards her father and her future husband i'd be hanging from my ceiling right now.

I also wrote down her number and full name on a few walls and said "call for free blowjobs". That's the extent to what I could've done. Anything more and she might be able to use her limited foid brain to trace back what's happening to me.

Based as fuck boyo. If I was hiring manager, would avoid hiring femoids as much as I can without appearing suspect

She probably wouldn't have gotten the job anyway tbh. Where I work you have to do some heavy lifting at least occasionally so all the foids that do work there are in high positions. The average joes carrying stock around are all men.

fair enough then, it's just the BJ part because she would get a hint it was you, since I was thinking that you placed them on walls at work.

Well even if she does she has absolutely no way of proving it. And lol no, obviously not on walls where I work. It was outside far from where I work.



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