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[In response to several articles being approving of a female British politician’s “not […] entirely serious suggestion” that a cufew should be placed upon men in response to a missing person case where the police had advised women to not go out at night.]

Why a curfew for men wouldn't work is economic, since most dangerous jobs and night shifts are performed by men, and night shifts are much more dangerous than day shifts. Since it's probably a man to come play captain save a ho, the less men on the streets means women have less protectors and witnesses to keep the community safe at night. You don't think gangster bitches wouldn't blast your ass and take your wallet? Honey the thieves guild has been an equal opportunity employer as far back as I can remember. If all the female bandits know half the population is bound by a curfew, that would give them incentive to commit more crime on solo targets, not less. Laziness comes to mind too, cause now you'll have to get everything for yourself, or have it delivered for more money, and there will be no more, "Could you go get me xyz?" at 12am. Men comprise roughly 69% of the work force, so that means a lot less night time delivery drivers and increased delivery times. If half of society is under a curfew, that means the bars and night life will economically and socially collapse too, so be careful.

"Perhaps that seems unfair, a punishment inflicted on all men just for their gender, for the actions of a few. But women have been living with that exact restriction, an infantilising ban on venturing out alone, for our whole lives." First off modern women of 2022, NO YOU HAVEN'T BEEN BANNED FROM GOING OUT ALONE. You've been encouraged not to go out alone at night, just like men, but we can't hold you accountable for what you do. Actually that does seem unfair punishing half the species for what someone else did, and it especially bothers me that the majority of male inmates, 80% that is, come from single mother households. A lot of these rapes in Australia are being committed by foreigners that don't share the same values as Western men, but that makes people seem racist for pointing the finger at the sub category of men that are committing these awful crimes.



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