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RE: How many autogynephiles are predatory, abusive, and/or dangerous?

All of them. 34 % (85 votes)
Most of them. 38 % (94 votes)
A small minority. 2 % (5 votes)
I don't know. 8 % (21 votes)
More research is needed to answer this question. 18 % (44 votes)

( actualdyke )
AGP in and of itself is predatory and certainly dangerous to women. how many AGPs are actually going to act upon that predatory mentality and harm women? i don't know (although it certainly seems like a lot). but how many AGPs are inherently predatory and dangerous to women? yeah, it's all of them. you literally cannot be an AGP if you don't fetishize, sexualize, obsess over, and deeply hate and disrespect women.

edit: and how could i forget to mention how it's basically impossible to have AGP without other paraphilias as well. from what i've seen of AGPs the most common ones are (auto)pedophilia and bestiality. so not only is AGP bad enough on its own, it almost always indicates even deeper and further levels of depravity and danger to others.

( GoodGoneGirl )
It depends on how you define “predatory”, “abusive” and “dangerous.” Is it predatory and/or abusive for an AGP (or any TIM) to force his way into women’s spaces? I’d argue that it is. Especially when those spaces are for women at their most vulnerable, such as the recent example of the TIM invading a female-only rape crisis group.

AGPs are doing this stuff to get off and they’re forcing women to go along with it. Rules are being bent and laws are being changed to accommodate them, so yes, I think every AGP who takes advantage of that is predatory and abusive.

As for being dangerous (will hurt, rape or kill) I think the number is going to be higher than for normal men. Maybe a bit higher, maybe a lot higher. That would be really hard to answer without more research.


( hmimperialtortie )
All of them. Even the so-called good ones who criticise those other AGPs. The concept is inherently abusive.

( momofreyrella )
All of them!



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