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spoilerReminder that in 1969 Planned
Parenthood produced a memo
recommending strategies for
population control. These
include "restructuring the
family," encouragement of
increased homosexuality, tax
funded abortion, and
sterilization. They then went on
and implemented all of these.


(@ComernWay )
@wendyrogersaz "Elites" have been planning this out for well over 100 years... Their fucked-up idea of "utopia" is 90% of the world's population is to be dead or dying and then enslaving the rest...

It's the same-old, worn-out tale of pawns of satan trying to "rule the world..."

( @Rinosdestroy )
@wendyrogersaz Blackrock and Vanguard kill with Vaccine and Abortion

( @Rakchazak33 )
@wendyrogersaz the jews only hated Hitler, more than Christ, if I knew nothing else. That be would enough

( @OldTimeBiker )
@wendyrogersaz Killing baby's is population control... Now that we are awake, their agenda is crystal clear....

( @BigDaddyO )
@wendyrogersaz the sterilization of mental and physical defectives is a moral imperative to prevent new suffering from being brought into the world and the slow, but sure degeneration of mankind.
The degeneration is called dysgenics.
The defectives outbreed the normal ones, the low IQ outbreed the high IQ ones.
It lies at the core of the collapse of civilization.
Call me a Nazi. I take it as a compliment.
The Germans were 100 years ahead of the rest of mankind in every facet of their rule.
Too bad that they were destroyed. Germany had been dying since that defeat and all of Western civilization is dying with her.



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