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Now do 'White people.'


That's not how this works?


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@KeepNHGranite The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you

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By: Noseman (((Klein)))

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@sometimescanbefunny @KeepNHGranite I’ve noticed virtually anytime someone makes their life about being an anti white they’re Jewish and anytime they go hard defending even the slightest Jewish inconsistency they’re also Jewish

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@KeepNHGranite In other words stop telling our secrets

(@Gravewalkers )
Jew - "Why do you hate me?"

Human - "You said my life does not matter. That was you behind that - MY LIFE! does not matter, so therefore my liberty does not matter and my happiness does not matter. You are a Satanic racist, pedophile, swindler, pornographer, degenerate, embezzling, thief."

Jew - "I made it the law you have to love me. You are goyim. Ba'al god of the jews said you are cattle food for us to rob, rape, and enslave, and sacrifice your babies, and yes even eat your babies. We jews used our 87 IQ, the highest on Earth, to outsmart you so you do not know any of this about us. You love and obey us."

Human - "Israel is ranked 43rd in the world in IQ, and your apartheid prevented anyone else taking the PISA test with you, and you took it in Hebrew. Jews are dumber than fuck. You do not HAVE the Jedi mind trick; you only think you do, like you think you are smart and beautiful and talented as every movie and show you make is hated by all. We hate you because you SHOULD be hated. You are our worst enemies and OPENLY plot our genocide. You OPENLY laugh and celebrate when we are harmed by your nigger troops or drugs or the destruction of the nations we built and you only parasite in."

Jew - "Yeah, but we made it the law that you love us, so you have to do that. We are the persecuted victims. Jews all starve and are homeless and suffer more racism than anyone. So.. obey us immediately or we will use our total control to take everything from you."

Human - "Let's gas these kikes."



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