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[Regarding the 2012 Wisconsin Sikh temple massacre]

Real Christians know that it's Jesus's way or the highway. The rest of the non-Christian white population can only see what we believe is Truth as an arrogant isolationist philosophy. That will never change as long as they are unregenerated, save the pouring out of God's Spirit on all white flesh [Joel/Acts] when most [maybe all?] of the remaining white non-Christians will be supernaturally shaken out of their foolishness whether they like it or not and the extermination of God's enemies commences.

At worst this shooter should be considered a brother that made a strategically foolish mistake. But morally what he did is no different then going to Pathmark and buying some Raid. My bible tells me that we will be smashing jewish babies skulls against rocks when Christ returns. And yet look at the things this guy is being called by his brothers and sisters for shooting some invaders. Of course we cannot commit acts that are deemed illegal NOW. But with the type of sympathy that I see demonstrated towards these Sikhs in that thread, even the suggestion of a freekin' donation drive, it is obvious to me that there will be huge piles of mutilated and raped white people before this is over.



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