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Staropramen #racist #fundie #psycho forum.christogenea.org

[Regarding the 2012 Wisconsin Sikh temple massacre]

Real Christians know that it's Jesus's way or the highway. The rest of the non-Christian white population can only see what we believe is Truth as an arrogant isolationist philosophy. That will never change as long as they are unregenerated, save the pouring out of God's Spirit on all white flesh [Joel/Acts] when most [maybe all?] of the remaining white non-Christians will be supernaturally shaken out of their foolishness whether they like it or not and the extermination of God's enemies commences.

At worst this shooter should be considered a brother that made a strategically foolish mistake. But morally what he did is no different then going to Pathmark and buying some Raid. My bible tells me that we will be smashing jewish babies skulls against rocks when Christ returns. And yet look at the things this guy is being called by his brothers and sisters for shooting some invaders. Of course we cannot commit acts that are deemed illegal NOW. But with the type of sympathy that I see demonstrated towards these Sikhs in that thread, even the suggestion of a freekin' donation drive, it is obvious to me that there will be huge piles of mutilated and raped white people before this is over.

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Joe #fundie #racist forum.christogenea.org

Now I think we should remember that God created all the animals, but that he did not create non-whites. Perhaps animals recognize that on some level. You can find videos of white women playing with lions on youtube (which I will not post as a nigger tags along and ruins it). There are countless examples of our people having a strong bond with animals. Even the grizzly man was only attacked after he came upon a rabid, emaciated bear that he had never seen before. There was the guy with wolves, the lady with gorillas.

Animals give us so much. We do not take advantage of them like the chinese, the apefricans, the arabs and jews. We treat animals well. We understand them in a way that demons cannot.

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EzraLB #conspiracy #dunning-kruger forum.christogenea.org

I have been reading about and researching vaccinations for about 20 years, and based on what I've read, I have never vaccinated my children nor would I ever. No vaccine is safe. Every vaccine--and I mean EVERY--causes damage. But here is some background on the two most "successful" of the vaccines....

Vaccination is not based on real science. The first small pox vaccine was developed using cow pox pus--and was claimed a success. How is that possible? How could exposure to cow pox give you immunity to small pox? Sounds like Jewish voodoo to me. Small pox was eradicated only after they cleaned up the public sanitation, water, and food supplies.

The polio vaccine was another Jewish disaster. The initial Jewish-Salk vaccine was causing so many problems in vaccinated children that they had to withdraw it. For years it had SV40 (Simian Virus 40) in it--and SV40 was turning up in brain tumors 20 years later.

Medical researchers have never been able to isolate the "polio virus" in supposedly infected tissue of victims. What does that tell you? What it tells me is that the supposed polio virus may not, in fact, be the real cause of paralytic polio symptoms. 

The first polio outbreaks in this country occurred in rural areas in New England, which is unusual for infectious diseases--which tend to concentrate in densely populated urban areas with poor hygiene. And the appearance of polio coincided with the initial use of a new generation of pesticides like DDT, which kill insects by causing paralysis.

There were doctors in New England at the time who voiced their belief that these paralytic symptoms could be caused by these new pesticides, but they were ignored.

And then it started showing up in cities, but why? Mothers became terrified of polio and would fumigate their homes with these paralytic-causing insecticides and their children would start showing symptoms depending on the severity of the exposure. They used airplanes to spray entire communities with these paralytic agents.

Polio was "eradicated" not by the bogus vaccine but rather by quietly removing those insecticides from the household markets--but even more by re-defining the symptoms of polio out of existence by diagnosing it as something else. The CDC no longer allows family doctors to diagnose polio--it must be done by submitting a stool sample to the CDC, and they will never diagnose any new cases of polio so as to keep up the illusion that the polio vaccine actually worked.

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Nayto #racist #psycho forum.christogenea.org

I recently finished the second volume of Mein Kampf which spurred on some thought regarding the failure of the Third Reich. Although this story for me never fails to elicit strong emotions and sadness at the though of such a noble effort failing, I cannot ignore what Hitler did wrong in the eyes of God. I often wish I could go back in time and speak with Hitler, showing him the truth identity of the Germans and implore him to keep the laws of God. I'm sure he would easily have accepted CI given his strong devotions to Christianity and race.


Hitler's was well aware of the mongrelization of the Aryan race in other countries. He makes specific mention of France, Italy and Russia all being very mongrelized. In his foreign policy he is very anti-France and anti-Russia, which is good. However he has a particular affection for Benito Mussolini and his Italians. This is based on Mussolini's own opposition against the jew, but we know that even mongrels oppose jews. I'm not sure whether Mussolini was a mongrel or not, but his people certainly were mongrels in the majority. Scripture warns about alliances with mongrels, that we make no covenant with them, that we tear down their altars and that we utterly destroy them. After all, what communion does light have with darkness? This was definitely not a part of Hitler's policy in that he made alliances most notably with Italy and Japan, the former being a mostly mongrelized nation and the latter being a total pit of bastards. Even in Germany's attack on other countries the agenda was occupation of mongrels, not destruction of mongrels. John Hyrcanus made that same mistake by circumcising the Edomites, just as Hitler gave liberated mongrels Christianity. As Bill said in a recent podcast on Hebrews, "If you accept a mongrel then you accept his gods" (paraphrased)

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disciplemate #racist forum.christogenea.org

G'day fellow Israelites I have heard a few times now within white nationalism that swearing is a niggerish form of communication. I dont exactly know if they mean that they condemn all use of dirty 4 letter words as I suppose in some circumstances it is necessary for expression however they do make a good point when they say white people use those words very casually and I can see how it is a niggerised form of behavior.
I would love some input and even the older generation can answer regarding how white folk used to communicate back in a better era. Thankyou.

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Staropramen #racist forum.christogenea.org

A delivery driver at a Danville, Va., Lowe’s Home Improvement was replaced with another driver when a customer said she didn’t want someone who is black, a local report said.

“I got a right to have whatever I want and that’s it,” the unidentified woman said of the delivery. “I don’t feel bad about nothing.”


http://www.nydailynews.com/news/nationa ... -1.2320091

Please call Lowe's and complain about the manager being fired for honoring this woman's request. Their telephone number is; 1-800-445-6937

I asked if the manager was indeed fired. They confirmed that the manager was fired. I then voiced the following points;

1. I am outraged that a manager was fired for honoring a customer's reasonable request.
2. Any sensible person, especially an elderly White female should make such a request in light of the Justice Department's statistics on violent black on White crimes and the well documented fact that violent sexual assaults against elderly White women is a crime that cowardly black males have a peculiar proclivity for.
3. The black driver should be fired for using this situation as an opportunity to maliciously cause an innocent person to lose their job. If this negro was truly "good" as the newspapers try to claim he would comprehend what a menace his people are to civilization and not be personally offended by the customer's common sense request.
4. I will no longer shop at Lowe's unless I see that this situation has been handled correctly.

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HeiligeSchriftLeser #racist forum.christogenea.org

Hi All,

Anyone else ever joined a so-called Christian Dating Site.....and only got 100% responses from "Negro Females" ?

I'm wondering if I should ask we conduct an experiment, as,...in the last decade I think I joined about 4 Christian datin sites in the u.k. and 100% of the replies I got....were NON WHITE.

I don't wanna sound the conspiracy theory buff.....and, I don't know who runs these sites,....but sure does seem strange I'd NEVER get a single WHITE Christian woman reply to me.

I used to read henry jewish makow's articles on feminism and he even posted a few of my tales of woe regarding "today's unlovable feminists"....but, privately he messaged me to "find someone from the far east where they still respect family values". !!!!

This was BEFORE I knew a thing about Christian Identity as well, but, I see now what the THEME of all this has been.


{Don't worry folks,...I only want a WHITE girl.}

But, anyone wanna post a reply with any similar experience on this....feel free.