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If Homo Sapien And Homo Borg Genesis Have Sex… What Are Some Repercussions??

Dear world,

Lets look at earth, from space… at the soul level.

You and I can see it… Homo Sapien and Homo Borg Genesis are mating.

Homo Sapien for the most part, does not know of Homo Borg Genesis.

Homo Borg Genesis, for the most part, thinks that it is still Homo Sapien.

Can a human become a cyborg from mating once, or over a long period of time, with a cyborg?

What would the offspring be… human? Mixed human cyborg? An artificial lifeform?

This really isn’t some cute little subject to devote 2 seconds and then done.

This subject actually affects everybody.

People are oozing liquid computer parts.

When Homo Borg Genesis mates, there may be computer parts, in their secretions, and even when they are not mating, but simply engaged in social situations.


The world they are building from the ashes of OUR CURRENT CIVILIZATIONS are to create communities suitable for Homo Borg Genesis. They want to bring civilization down, which includes going to war with Homo Sapien, in a secret war. They approve of anything that destroys humanity, and disapprove of anything that frees humanity. Their new futuristic dream world/communities/cities, are for Homo Borg Genesis, to be hooked up to the 6G+ grid. In their 6G grid vision… maybe they keep a few Homo Sapiens around for torture, blood… fun and games, and course, the human farms, for growing meat and harvesting hormones. In the year 2023, humanity has yet to consciously alter this timeline, while at the same time, recreating their world economies with massive investment in the new infrastructures needed to create it. So much of what humanity now does, is unwittingly turning a massive percentage of Homo Sapiens into Homo Borg Genesis. To remain human in the year 2023, is to be in a growing minority.

Homo Sapien is going extinct, and only those Homo Sapiens who transmute into Homo Christos will inherit the earth.



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