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What happens when you see beyond the veils, see a plan unfolding that can only be described as demonic, draconian, and lawless at least? What happens when you buck the system, speak up and reveal their plans? You have the full might of the NWO, global elite, their lame stream press, their corrupted agencies and the socially engineered lame stream and social media brainwashed masses rise up against you.

Your character will be assassinated, your life in a sick society ruined, and if you find the courage and moral fiber to stand on your convictions you and your family may very well be assassinated like many before you. Look up Arkancide, the Clinton Body Count, why the Kennedys and other purveyors of truth were eliminated. How about all the cutting edge doctors and scientists bringing new healing and energy technologies, those exposing the big pharma genocide who have been character or physically assasinated. This rabbit hole goes deeper than anyone can imagine.
Why has forty years of documented contact at ECETI, and ECETI Stargate Official You Tube with several hundred thousand viewers of UFO clips, thousands of eyewitnesses, pictures, videos and testimony been literally ignored and censored by the UFO community, the major TV and film documentaries, now the major conferences? Why is contact with Spiritually and Technologically Advanced Off Worlders tabu. Why have those promoting dark sinister stories or those keeping it in the past getting top billing rising to the top? The answer is obvious. It is a, “Controlled Narrative”. Stop paying for and perpetuating the lie. The Spiritually and Technologically Advanced Off Worlders are waiting. They are the ones that can help us take a quantum leap in evolution. They have the med beds, quantum healing technologies, fuelless energy, anti/counter gravity, replicators and they have conquered poverty and disease. This leads us to exactly why they are censored and who is controlling the narrative. Connect the dots.



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