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1) No they didn't. The holocaust is a complete lie.

2) The Jews found themselves behind barbed wire because they were the leading people behind countless criminal enterprises - everything from Marxist/Bolshevik revolutions to homosexual and transgender facilities, as well as criminal media propaganda, corporate banking which gave Jews access to an unlimited amount of money which was used for buying off politicians and law enforcement.

The Jews have never been an innocent people. They've been violently driven out of over a hundred countries for very, VERY good reason.

@Nature_and_Race -- The "holocaust" is the main psychological barrier standing in the way of a National Socialist revival.

Exposing the truth behind this myth, could act as a groundwork foundation for a rebirth of National Socialism.

@Nature_and_Race The CEO’s of Youtube, J&J, Facebook and Pfizer are Jews. The director of the CDC is a Jew.

HELL, even the husband of Kamala Harris is a Jew, so is the husband of the Clintons daughter Chelsea

And what unites the Rockefellers/Rothschild/Soros families, they’re all Jews!

Whenever I present this simple information to any Holocaustbrain, it just causes them to short circuit.

@Nature_and_Race oh no muh 6 gorillion!
There need be no other crime, once you understand what the Jew is. Nobody was mass murdering Jews. They should have though

@Nature_and_Race Hitler did nothing wrong…if anything he was too nice. The Jews won’t be so lucky next time…


@Nature_and_Race to be completely fair, being jewish *is* enough of a crime to warrant genocide. According to the creator of the universe anyway.



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