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Beyonce Knowles has all the earmarks of a satanist. She wears Baphomet-adorned shirts and rings; she flashes one-eye 666 sign of the satanist Illuminati; she campaigned for and supported the man who calls himself Obama and Hillary Clinton. Like both of them, Beyonce lives a life of hypocrisy and fraud (witness her lip-syncing performances and her alleged fake pregnancy).

Beyonce also seems to dabble in demonic possession, such as her Super Bowl halftime performance in which she laid down in the middle of a pentagram and appeared to be taken over by some kind of satanic spirit. You can view the actual transformation she went through as the demonic entity, which appears to be masculine, entered her body.

Beyonce's music represents a rejection of God and is intended to drag thousands of souls to eternal damnation. Unless she returns to God and rejects her former life, Beyonce appears headed straight to hell. (Note: Beyonce could be under Monarch mind control and unable to deprogram herself. If that's the case, God could have mercy on her soul.)


Jay Z has even more earmarks of being a satanist than Beyonce. However, unlike his wife, he displays no signs of being under mind control and appears to have chosen the path to darkness of his own free will.

Jay Z is a follower of satanist Alistair Crowley, and Crowley's motto: Do What Thou Wilt. If Beyonce is under mind control, Jay Z might be her handler.

Tom Hanks just might be the most anti-God, anti-Christian name on this list. Through movies like Angels & Demons, Hanks mocks and disgraces the Catholic Church, and attempts to spread disinformation about secret societies. Have no doubt, unless he repents, which appears highly unlikely, Hanks is headed for eternal damnation. It will be a hell of his own making.



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