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The redoubtable ACB, like a sniper in a Ghillie, with the eyes of an American eagle and heavy ordnance, took out the fatuous, feckless Fascists pretending to be legitimate patriotic politicians today, barely working up a metaphorical sweat. The kill shot was the blank piece of paper she held up, when asked to reveal the notes she was using while she fired shot after shot into the maddened herd of Democrat hucksters whose enfilade fire found no purchase in those chambers, or, anywhere in the news cycle.

It was a shut out and if there was a "10 run rule", the refs would have called it at noon.

Matthew Sitman's bootless cries to heaven, are in direct contrast to ACB's stated position, that she will interpret the Constitution, NOT CREATE NEW LAW.

Sitman's premise, that Catholic judges might have to recuse themselves, re: The Death Penalty - based on speeches that they gave, where their personal opinions of The Death Penalty is, again, absurd, because just like Kagan and Ginsburg, two Jewish ladies who NEVAR got this much grief for their religion, these ladies all, stated that politics and their opinions, DID NOT MATTER.

Of course Sitman brings up the ACA as if there was a case on the docket next week in order to scare what's left of the shit out of people who are not still locked in their closets in fear of the Covid hoax. There are currently, no cases pending anywhere that in any way, threaten the ACA.



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