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Joe Biden’s just-announced Cabinet picks for Labor and Commerce — Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, respectively — share the common denominator of being tight and cozy with the unions.

And that makes perfect sense when you consider the corporate-run communism that’s coming to America once Democrats take over Capitol Hill.

Here’s the playbook, here’s what to expect in 2021.

The coronavirus has handed the far left crowd a golden ticket for government takeover — for government imposed crackdowns of individual freedoms and for government imposed restrictions against free market activities. Businesses have been shut; business owners have been left reeling; workers at these businesses have been forced to stay home and wait for stimulus dollars to save them from, yes, in some cases, starvation. Stimulus is another way of saying income redistribution; it’s taking taxpayer dollars and giving to those in need.

That’s not to say these businesses haven’t deserved the money. That’s not to say these hard-working business owners and employees haven’t needed the money.

But either way you slice it, stimulus is still a taking from Peter to pay Paul.

Corporate communism is coming to America.



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