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Okay this post should go far to settle once and for all, that Romana Didulo is not queen of Canada. She has to win the hearts and minds in order to become Queen, and she has not done that.

1. She’s not queen as of yet… she’s on a quest to become queen!

2. Romana Didulo is not in control of government. Some people are finding out the hard way, as they mistakenly thought her ‘royal decrees’ are legit, then realize they are not enforced, nor enforceable, as no one in any official capacity, recognizes them as such.

3. Romana Didulo should have stated right from the beginning, that she’s not queen, and that she’s only trying to be queen. This would have given her a fighting chance to win the hearts and minds of Canadians… but she didn’t choose to use honestly to do that. So they thought she’d win the hearts and minds through deception? Clearly a delusion… I mean, it’s worked before, but that strategy doesn’t work with an awakened populace.
Okay… so according to what David Carlson and the Peoples Quest For Truth News… Romana Didulo not queen.



Closing the Romana Didulo as queen of Canada timeline, now, with the assistance of the Company of Heaven, Prime Creator, and the hearts and minds of Canadians, that will know our true leadership when they treat us with kindness, openness, respect, wisdom, shared power and infinite love.

Canada has MAJOR PROBLEMS, still. But we know we cannot replace colonial communism, with dictatorial deception RIGHT?!!



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