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Problems with my sister

Hi! I’m kind of new to Stormfront so if there are any formatting issues I apologize.

I’m pretty “in the closet” about my WN beliefs but I know my dad is definitely what our modern society would call racist (though my mom doesn’t know that).

My sister is away at college and we text pretty regularly about her life there. She sent me a text today about a guy that she fancies. She talked about how nice and wonderful he is and I was really excited for her so I asked for his name. It was one of those stereotypical black ghetto names and my heart sank. I just had to suck it up and politely end the conversation because I’m not looking to burn that bridge, especially since they’re not even dating.

I guess I just want to know what I should do if they end up dating. I can’t straight up tell her that she’s a race-traitor but I also can’t sit back and let her do this to herself.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

How has your sister talked about blacks up until this point?

Has either of your parents talked to you or your sister about dating non-whites?

She's been listening to rap since she was allowed to do so (and even a little before that). Her best friend in high school was a white girl who exclusively dated black men. This isn't a new concern. Up to this point, her boyfriend's and crushes have been white, so I figured we were in the clear.

My mom doesn't see a problem with race mixing and I know my dad does, so that's at least one point of contention. Also a reason why they aren't going to tell her off. Mom rules the roost.

I found a picture of them together on her Instagram. He could hide in front of a coal pile. Kinda what I expected from the name DeShawn, though.

She called me racist for saying that the welfare system hurts black Americans. I doubt WN will go over well. She goes to one of those woke-fest universities too. Apparently, according to her music teacher, all modern music was inspired by black jazz.



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