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Moreover, what does a Democrat do when he comes to the realization that his party is corrupt and is controlled by the Jewish lobby? The 1400 people who died, did not die in vain. They are martyrs and they are the catalyst for peace, if there ever is peace in the Middle East. Our eyes are opened, our so-called liberal left leaders are not the enlightened people we thought they were. To wit, see the Jim Jordan (bastard) committee hearing on freedom of speech and the Hamas-Israel war. The Gaza supporters were escorted out of the hearing. The Israel supporters on the committee and on the panel steamrolled the discussion. Did anyone else see the hearing? The 11,000+ Palestinian civilians who were murdered by Israel died in vain.

[“If you weren’t so Putinized and full of propaganda I would be angry. Instead, I will just LMFAO.”]

"Putinized” is as good a word as any to cancel someone, if you want to believe in absolutes. There are no absolutes or few. There is only gray or something that resembles it. One absolute is 11,000+ dead civilians or some large number in Gaza, the “urban” place. If you can believe what you are saying and it makes you laugh, amazing. The angry birds will arrive and terminate my membership here most likely. Maybe you’ll win a vacation to the “Holy Land.”



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