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What to Expect when You’re Expecting a Demon

The day after I’d talked to Lilith offering to help, I felt a male presence in my room. I assumed she decided to fix my relationship issues and just send me an incubus. Maybe there weren’t any lesbian succubi into me.

One of my friends spoke on behalf of a source I trust, informing me that I was in fact pregnant and also sharing the father’s identity. “It’s a great honor” I was told. I was to bear the child of somebody important.

I learned that spiritual pregnancy was not unheard of and that it was safe. I also read that it can be caused with just a touch, which is honestly terrifying.

The astral fetus attaches to the mother’s sacral chakra, preventing her from having intercourse with anyone but the father. While I never had a chance to confirm that, I was aware of something being hooked onto my subtle body. I attempted to pass energy through that region, and found it was diverted as though by a foreign structure. Though my real weight didn’t change, I felt heavier and larger due to changes in my subtle bodies.

Halfway through I felt what I’m sure was the baby kicking, which is really incredible. I might have heard it growling cutely too. I experienced about two weeks of “progress” for every day that passed. I gave birth in less than a month.

As for spiritual effects, I thought I heard voices singing lullabies to the baby a couple of times, which was sweet of whoever was singing.

Labor itself was shockingly tolerable. I felt no pain at all, which according to my reading is unusual for spirit pregnancy. I felt a rumbling and adjustment in my stomach, a light sensation near my chakra, and not much else. Then there was a sensation of something small and snakelike oozing out through my vagina for about a second. That was it. No pain of blood or anything. I didn’t get to hold my kid, but he/she is with the father now, learning how to be a good demon (I think that’s how that works).



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